Interested in automating your last-mile
with our delivery robots?

We may have just the perfect solution for you

Lower-cost, faster, more reliable and
more delightful delivery experiences

Save costs

Our automated robot deliveries can directly address rising delivery and other last-mile costs to businesses and consumers, saving costs by 60% in some cases

Eliminate operational inefficiencies

Our robots are always accessible and can be supplied on demand, meaning you gain more control over your operations with added efficiency

Provide on-time services, all the time

Our delivery-as-a-service management platform automates fleet management and route optimization, creating a seamless and reliable user experience

Delight and excite your customers

Our focus on customer service excellence generates additional value for your brand

We provide tailored
robot delivery-as-a-service solutions
that fit your unique needs

Our pedestrian-safe autonomous delivery robot

✓ Navigation optimized in high-density urban environments
✓ Most cost-effective solution in the market, built on proprietary H/W and S/W
✓ Drastically more energy-efficient and sustainable than traditional delivery solutions
✓ Holds 50 liters or more (flexible) with optional insulation
Robot as a Service

RaaS platform

neubiego is a RaaS (Robotics-as-a-Service) platform that integrates the key functions required for robot delivery automation. Our tailored RaaS management solutions will take care of your needs in

Robot management

Robot DB management, Robot QC management, Software OTA(over-the-air) updates, Robot history management

Site management

Management of robot service areas and services provided

Operations monitoring

Real-time robot location and status tracking, Anomaly detection alert tracking, Operations statistics

Fleet dispatch

Allocation of robots for dispatch, Service and route setting

Robot control

Teleoperations through screens, Direct remote control

Our standard 3-step approach

Joint needs assessment

We understand client pain points and delivery automation related needs

Ideation and co-development

We generate ideas to address your needs and co-develop tailored robot delivery-as-a-service solutions

Implementation and customer service

We provide end-to-end support from installation to maintenance, depending on the scope of the solution, but always dedicated to customer service excellence

Our data-driven autonomous driving technology is
optimized for dense urban environments

Multi-Modal Localization

We fuse data from multiple sensors to pinpoint robot location

Multi-Modal Localization is developed by fusing positional data from Visual Localization with data retrieved from the general GNSS, the IMU and wheels.

Visual perception-based R-LDM

We ensure robot tasks are completed even in adverse environments, through fail-safe algorithms

Location Redundancy is developed using precise visual perception technology and robot-specific local dynamic maps (LDMs). This allows us to complete a full delivery scenario, even if the location information is rough.
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